business Planning services

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FINANCE MODEL Excel and Brixx - translating your aspirations into financial models, using a mix of vast experience allied with an accomplished ability to make business simple.

TEAM DEVELOPMENT - working with teams to develop their skills and knowledge of finance, improving their commercial sense, reorganising processes and creating efficiencies.

BUSINESS PLANNING - supporting your decision making and risks evaluation, bringing your specialists together to make projects succeed.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT - Combining strong interpersonal and technical skills to excellent project and organisation management abilities.

ADDING VALUE - adding value to your company with a positive attitude and breadth of experience and by being professional, focussed, enthusiastic and determined to succeed.


The business aims are to provide business planning services whilst supporting organisational management and personal development of teams.

Working with you to bring a team together to deliver a specific project, we will make it happen with a strong commitment to excellence.  We are innovative, we want to add value to your organisation and we will meet deadlines with you whilst being inclusive.